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In 1972 Geneva Bazille lost her hearing when she had surgery to remove a tumor lodged in her brain and right ear.  She was told the hearing loss in the right ear was permanent.  On February 19, 1999 Geneva had a hearing evaluation and on  March 1, 1999 Geneva, was given a report by her audiologist that stating that her ability to hear and understand speech was 0% (zero percent) in the right ear.  Geneva did her best to adapt her lifestyle to minimize the negative effect of her condition.

On October 9, 2004 Geneva attended a Women's Retreat held in Mississippi where she was prayed for by a prophetess.  She testifies that the Holy Spirit instructed her to turn around in her chair and put her finger into her left ear.  Immediately she was able to hear.  She began to praise God and thank him for this miracle. 

On October 14, 2004 Geneva had a complete audiological evaluation assessment and it validated the fact that she had 70% of her hearing back in her right ear.

The Holy Spirit gave Geneva the Miracle Assignment, "Go and tell your family, friends neighbors, and the entire world; how the Lord has blessed you with the gift of hearing again and that God is still on the throne and hears his people cry."  Also that he is mindful of his people twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and three hundred sixty five days a year. God also said that he performed this miracle to give his people courage and hope.


Watch Geneva give her testimony.

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Geneva Bazille share her testimony.

Recorded: February 17, 2008

Rev. Geneva M. Bazille
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